Today, I share with you the moments captured during a portrait session carried out indoors The model for this session was none other than Victoria, a bubbly student living in Brussels, whose simplicity and spontaneity immediately inspired me. There session began with a mild morning where Victoria played in front of the lens, in the warm atmosphere. Around a coffee and a few croissants, we started with simple shots that highlighted his daily gestures. This relaxed setting helped capture his authenticity and his love for the little joys of life. It's true that Victoria was a little reserved at first, a charming trait that was reflected in the first photos. However, as time passed, a complicity developed between us, allowing us to overcome the initial shyness to make way for spontaneity.

      This session with Victoria was not just an opportunity to take beautiful pictures, but also a moment of sharing and mutual discovery. The images obtained are testimony to a morning filled with joy and spontaneity. I hope you like them as much as I do.

      See you soon for news portrait sessions 🙂