Professional photographer

      Be a wedding photographer it's a joy, because I have the chance to witness incredible moments.


      My style

      Being creative and original at the same time, focusing on moments of emotion, joy and love. It's the little details that make a photo stand out. A smile, a look, a moment of tenderness is what can change everything in an ordinary photo. Photography is my great passion and I give the best of me in what I achieve.

      My philosophy: bear witness to every moment of your commitment.

      Wedding photographer

      Who am I ? My name is Alexandru Rusu and I am wedding photographer and portrait residing in Brussels

      My goal is to tell the story of your union through fleeting moments, moments taken from the moment which testify to each moment of your commitment. I offer sessions after the day of marriage where aesthetic research with “magazine” type images are at the forefront. These images will accompany you through time and you will have pleasure looking at them.

      I am at your disposal and I offer my services everywhere in Belgium and around the world as long as there is a story to tell.


      I live in Brussels but I remain available worldwide. For all requests for information and availability, please contact me by email at or via the site's contact form.



      Frequently asked questions and prices

      Questions answers

      Here are the answers to the main questions I get asked. For more information do not hesitate. I would be happy to answer you.

      In which city do you live? Do you travel for weddings?

      I live in Brussels but I would be happy to be present at your wedding anywhere in the world. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

      How do you work? How do you characterize your style?

      I attach a lot of importance to details, so I will look for the most important moments and also capture the small moments of joy, emotion, love.

      Do you also do a photoshoot after the wedding day?

      Yes. I find that the wedding day is a magical day but also a day of stress, so I suggest that the bride and groom do a photo shoot after the wedding day. The location will be chosen with the bride and groom.

      How can I reserve?

      You can contact me by e-mail or you can call me - all the information you can find in the "CONTACT" section I attach a lot of importance to seeing each other before your event, to know all the details, your requirements , etc.”¦

      What are your rates ?

      Before talking about my rates, I would like to learn more about your wedding and as I said it is important to see you before the big day, to know all the details, then I will let you know my rate.