As a photographer specializing in wedding reportages in Belgium, I am dedicated to immortalizing the precious moments of your special day.
      I firmly believe that the best wedding photos are those that convey the personality of the bride and groom and the intensity of their love for each other. To do this, I create an environment of trust and comfort during photo sessions, thus capturing the spontaneity and authenticity of your interactions.
      As a wedding photographer based in Belgium, I favor an authentic and spontaneous approach to capture the moments that define your union. Meeting my clients well before the wedding day is an essential step for me. This allows me to understand in depth your personalities, your expectations and the vision you have for your big day.
      During our preliminary meeting, we will discuss all aspects of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. You will have the opportunity to share your specific ideas and desires regarding photographic style. Every detail counts and I make it a point to accurately capture every moment of this day.
      To make it easier to understand your expectations, I will provide a detailed questionnaire to complete. This document guides me like a road map on the wedding day, ensuring flawless organization and planning.
      I also offer coaching based on my experience, to refine the details of your day. Choosing a competent photographer is vital to effectively immortalizing your wedding.
      If my approach and style suit you, do not hesitate to contact me for a first meeting. I am based in Brussels but available to travel across Belgium and abroad to capture your wedding.


      As a couple photographer, I have the opportunity to capture the intimate moments and tenderness between couples during these precious moments. Each engagement photo session is a chance for me to enter into the intimacy of the couples I capture, which allows me to understand their essence, their style, and their expectations for the big day.
      I strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere during sessions so that couples feel comfortable and can act naturally under my lens. It is this approach that allows me to immortalize their relationship in a sincere and touching way.
      These sessions are also an opportunity for the bride and groom to prepare for the photographic experience of their wedding, helping them to acclimatize to the lens and my way of working, which helps to reduce their anxiety on the day. .
      You can choose from diverse settings, such as romantic gardens, serene beaches, or bustling urban scenes. I love discovering and using new settings to make each session special and memorable.
      To plan your own couple photo session, I invite you to contact me so that we can discuss this further.


      Opt for a classic or fashion portrait, treat yourself
      It's true that having your photo taken can be intimidating, but a professional will guide you to satisfactory results. Before each session, the photographer learns about your personality, and it is using this information that you will be guided through different poses to enhance your image.
      During my portrait sessions, I strive to create an atmosphere where you can feel fully comfortable, thus revealing your most authentic essence in front of the lens. It's a special moment, a break from everyday life to focus on yourself, an exploration of your image which often reveals more than you expect.
      I always start with a conversation, a coffee perhaps, where we talk about you, what you like, what inspires you. This allows me to capture your personality and think about how I could best capture it. Each session is unique because each person is too, and it is in this uniqueness that the beauty of my job lies.
      Throughout the session, I guide you, but above all I encourage free expression, whether it is a glance caught on the fly, a spontaneous smile or a moment of deep reflection.
      What I seek to offer is more than just photography. It’s a portrait that speaks, that tells a story, your story.


      A family photo session is crucial for several reasons, but the main one is to preserve a lasting memory. It allows you to capture a precise moment of your existence. Family photos then become witnesses to your joys, your happiness, but also the trials you went through together. They constitute a precious family heirloom, which will pass through generations, gaining in value as time passes. There is nothing more precious than getting together to leaf through the albums and remember the anecdotes, the faces of the loved ones present and those who have left.
      Taking a family photo is also an opportunity to bring together several generations for an emotional moment. A family photo session is a memorable experience.
      As a professional photographer, I guide you every step of the way to make your photo shoot an unforgettable occasion, full of emotion and fun.