I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Seraphine and Jef at the Ferme d'odense in Orbais not far from Brussels. After living for several years in England, they chose to return to Belgium to celebrate their union, surrounded by their loved ones. Despite some vagaries of the weather, with sometimes threatening skies and a few scattered showers, nothing could alter the magic and joy of their big day. During the couple's photo session, Clémence and Louis were incredibly complicit and relaxed, almost forgetting my presence. This spontaneity made it possible to capture intimate and sincere moments, where each smile, each exchange of glances reflected their deep love and their happiness at being together. Their ceremony, simple but moving, where the echoes of the sweet words and the oaths exchanged resonated with a particular resonance. The reception that followed was just as warm, with laughter, dancing and shared anecdotes that created indelible memories. I am deeply grateful to Seraphine and Jef for allowing me to bear witness to their special day. The images I was able to capture bear witness not only to the beauty of their union, but also to the joy and love that surround them. It was a privilege to be their photographer and help preserve the memories of their beautiful wedding. Here are a few photos that I hope do justice to their wonderful celebration.


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