You are going to meet a photographer for your wedding and you don't know what questions to ask. Don't panic, with this post he will no longer have any secrets for you, and you will be able to hire him without the slightest doubt. Follow the leader.


      How long have you been doing wedding photography? How many weddings have you covered? Is this your specialty? 

      Wedding photography is demanding, because you have to adapt to all kinds of situations and deal with often difficult lighting. A little experience is a minimum. It is also about determining whether for the photographer the wedding is a passion or a livelihood. And that changes everything.

      What is your style ?

      Photo-journalistic, traditional, artistic, formal, posed, etc…

      How are you different from other photographers?

      A good photographer has a particular look, an aesthetic of his own.

      Can I see a portfolio of your images? Are all the images yours? Are these recent marriages?

      A photographer's style evolves over time so make sure the photos you look at are recent.

      Are you going to take my wedding photos?

      This question may seem strange because it is obvious, but if you are asking a studio, it may be that the person in front of you is not the photographer of your future wedding. In this case, ask to meet him. He is the one to ask all these questions.


      Can I give you a list of images that I would absolutely want?

      Do you work with an assistant and/or a second photographer? If so, does this represent an additional cost?

      If you have a certain number of guests at your wedding, it is best to have a second photographer. Some include it in their basic package, for others it is an option. At this point, ask what cost this entails.

      Do you have emergency equipment in the event of a breakdown?

      Very important question.

      And if you are unable to cover my wedding, what happens?

      Have you ever worked at my wedding venue? If not, are you going to scout?

      A photographer who is familiar with the location will be better prepared. And the more prepared you are, the better the photos.

      How long do you stay on the wedding day? And if we are behind schedule, will there be additional costs?

      If you are an amateur photographer, you can ask him what equipment he uses and why.

      This will give you an idea of their knowledge and experience.


      What are your different packages? What is included in it?

      Do you offer “Engagement” or “Trash the Dress” photoshoots?

       Are you moving around? How far ? If yes, what are your travel costs?

      In the end, how many photos do you deliver? 

      Are the photos retouched?

      How long does it take to get my images?

      And in what form do I receive them? (DVD, printing, web gallery, etc.)

      If it's in the form of a DVD, are the photos in HD? Can I copy and distribute the images as I want? If not, what are the restrictions?

      If I ever lose the DVD, do you keep a backup at home just in case?

      Do you take photos in B&W or color?

      In digital photography all images are taken in color, but during retouching photographers can switch them to B&W

      How much do the prints cost, if they are not part of the basic package?

      Do you offer albums?

      Some photographers include an album in their basic package, for others it is an option. Find out about the price and the providers who make them. This album will be the guardian of your memories. Don't neglect it.

      Do you offer options like Photobooth, photo studio, instant slideshow, etc.?


      What information do you need before my wedding day?

      Do you know any talented service providers? Florist, makeup artist, coordinator, etc.?

      Like a wedding planner, the photographer sees weddings as a whole because they are there from start to finish. In fact, they can sometimes recommend certain quality providers.


      Do you have a good feeling with the photographer? Did you communicate easily with him? 

      Remember that to have good photos you need to be comfortable with him.

      Do you REALLY like his photos?

       Did he listen to your desires, your expectations? How did he respond?